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Pigeon & Seagull Control

Eco Environmental offers a wide range of bird deterrent solutions to prevent pigeons, seagulls and other types of birds from roosting and fouling on buildings and structures.

Our wide selection of effective Pigeon & Seagull Deterrent systems are a cost effective, long lasting way of proofing buildings and other structures against all types of perching bird species.

Pigeons and seagulls can become a real nuisance to your business; seagulls are especially protective and aggressive during the breeding season when they are defending their young.

Bird fouling is a known health hazard and can carry diseases such as Ornithosis, E.Coli and Salmonella, furthermore, frequently fouled entrances and pavements can become a Health & Safety issues as they become dangerously slippery when wet.

At Eco Environmental we combine our best practice with local expertise and extensive knowledge of the Bird Control industry to allow us to continually deliver our bespoke services to clients within the Retail, Commercial, Ministry of Justice and Transportation sectors.

Our wide range of Pigeon & Seagull control systems offer a bespoke Bird Control package that will best limit and manage future bird infestation issues.

Additionally, our teams hold all relevant certifications to allow them to safely carry out the various types of bird control works required - including IOSHH Certification, PTS, CSCS, SSSTS, IRATA, IPAF and PASMA.

Our bespoke Bird Deterrent Systems include: 

  • Bird Spikes - adaptive bird deterrent spikes are suitable as both pigeon deterrent & seagull deterrent
  • Bird Wire - an almost invisible tensioned bird wire system to protect the aestectics of your buildings
  • Bird Gel - alter birds' behaviour to keep them off structures with Optical Bird Deterrent Gel
  • Bird Netting - a discreet, effective and impenetrable bird deterrent
  • Bird Mesh - galvanised and stainless steel bird mesh netting is more robust than traditional anti bird nets
  • Audible Bird Scarers - bird control using stimuli that makes bird uncomfortable, bird scarers prove to be effective deterrents
  • Abseiling & Roped Access Works - safe, adaptable and cost effective
  • Fouling Removal - bird fouling mess cleaning as well as egg and nest removal
Our Latest News and Case Studies will provide you detailed examples of some of our recently installed pigeon deterrents and seagull deterrent systems.

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