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Bird Control

A wide selection of effective bird control systems to create bird deterrents which protect any public or private building without harming the birds

Eco Environmental provides a wide selection of effective bird deterrents (commonly misspelled "bird deterrants"), which are long lasting ways of proofing buildings and other structures against all bird species.

With a wide range of bird control systems available, we can recommend the best form of controlling and managing bird infestations throughout your living and working environments. Pigeons require pigeon spikes, pigeon netting and pigeon traps whilst seagull deterrent systems can include seagull scarers and more specialist bird management options.

Providing a reliable source of food, safe breeding grounds and protection, buildings and urban areas easily appeal to all wild birds' strong will to survive. This is why your property can suffer from a bird infestation.

Our knowledge and expertise within specialist sectors such as Retail, Commercial, Prison, Power and Transport allow us to provide specific, highly specialised bird deterrent solutions to these areas. Additionally, our teams hold all relevant certifications to allow them to safely carry out bird control works - including IOSHH Certification, PTS and Network Rail certification and Access Certification including IRATA, IPAF and PASMA.

Methods of bird control can include physical bird deterrents, visual deterrents, audible bird scarers, natural falconry bird deterrents and more...

  • Bird Netting - a discreet, effective and impenetrable bird deterrent
  • Bird Wire - an almost invisible tensioned bird wire system to protect the aestectics of your buildings
  • Bird Spikes - adaptive bird deterrent spikes are suitable as both pigeon deterrent & seagull deterrent
  • Bird Mesh Netting - galvanised and stainless steel bird mesh netting is more robust than traditional anti bird nets
  • Bird Scarers - bird control using stimuli that makes bird uncomfortable, bird scarers prove to be effective deterrents
  • Electric Bird Deterrents - AVISHOCKā„¢ provides a new, harmless bird control solution, which modifies the behaviour of urban birds by touch
  • Falconry - natural falconry bird scarers and falconry bird deterrents
  • Bespoke Bird Deterrents - continuous liaison with architects, quantity surveoyrs, project managers and site management ensures effective bird deterrent solutions
  • Fouling Cleaning - bird fouling and mess cleaning
  • Seagull Deterrents - our seagull deterrent systems will create savings on cleaning and maintenance bills whilst still giving safe access to staff and clients
  • Pigeon Deterrents - we provide a variety of pigeon deterrent solutions including pigeon netting, pigeon traps and pigeon scarers 

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Effective Bird Control Solutions from Eco