Bird Control Specialists | Pigeon Deterrents, Bird Wire and Bird Spikes

Bird Control Specialists

Bird Netting, Bird Spikes, Seagull Scarers, Bird Wire

Eco Environmental is one of the UK’s largest specialist bird control companies. With specialist expertise within the industry, our bird scarers, bird wiresseagull deterrents and pigeon deterrents (pigeon spikes) are discreet and sensitive to the aesthetics and construction of each individual building.

  • A wide range of bird deterrent systems, proofing buildings against all bird species

  • Seagull deterrents lead to reductions in fouling, noise and aggressive behaviour 

  • Our deterrents include pigeon netting, pigeon spikes and other pigeon deterrents

  • Falconry bird control is a natural way to remove flocks in large difficult areas

  • Alter birds' behaviour to keep them off structures with Optical Bird Deterrent Gel

  • Anti Bird Netting Contractors

    An impenetrable barrier, pigeon netting that protects without harming

  • An adaptive seagull and pigeon spike system suited to most areas.

  • A discrete, widely used anti-perching bird wire system designed for narrow ledges

Effective Bird Control Solutions Rooftop: Before Deterrent System Added Rooftop: After Deterrent System Added