BBC warns of soaring numbers of pigeons

The BBC website reported on the increasing numbers of pigeons in Norfolk and most notably Norwich itself.

Installation of Bird Spikes by our Roped Access Abseil Teams

Wates Living Space contacted Eco Environmental Services to provide a bird deterrent solution to feral pigeons perching on the window ledges to the stair well recesses on the five apartment blocks at Cruddas Park in Newcastle, where refurbishment had recently been completed.

Cabot Tower nears completion

A well-established stone conservation company based in Somerset engaged Eco Environmental Services Ltd to install a discrete anti bird netting system to the tower to eliminate the client's long term problem of pigeons roosting in the sheltered upper areas of the tower and accumulating large amount…

Hawks used as Seagull Deterrents

At least 11 pairs of seagulls have set up nesting sites since the opening of the Princesshay shopping centre in Exeter in September 2007. The growing seagull problem has negatively affected shoppers' experiences at Princesshay with blocked drains, fouling and diving being among the most common prob…

A Surprisingly Effective New Bird Deterrent

Due to aesthetic reasons, our client was keen to install a discreet bird control solution, which would not involve any more bird netting than already existed on the commercial property. We offered to install the new AVISHOCK™ electric bird deterrent as a trial but were not able to guarantee the lev…

Solar-powered Audio Seagull Scarers and Natural Falconry Create Winning Bird Deterrent

Eco Environmental Services were contacted to provide a solution to rid a large car dealership of a flock of 200 seagulls from nesting and roosting on the asbestos roof. The birds caused a massive nuisance in the form of noise and aggressive behaviour but the biggest problem was the amount of foulin…

Join Eco's Bird Control Specialists on Facebook and Twitter!

Facebook is the world's largest social networking site, which provides us with an excellent way to keep in touch with clients and suppliers alike. Our latest news stories and case studies featuring successful Bird Control, Pigeon Deterrents and Seagull Deterrent Systems can be found on Facebook and…

Desperate seagull deterrents employed to control gulls

In August, police and RSPCA were called after seagulls were seen convulsing and collapsing on the beach at the Welsh seaside resort of Rhyl. A post-mortem examination of one of the dead seagulls by a local vet "revealed that it had eaten chips laced with poison."

Contraband Netting Stifles Drug Traffic

Drug and mobile phone prices in a Dublin jail have reached record highs as supply has been drastically reduced by netting installed to seal the exercise yards. In the past, drug barons in the prison had been organizing regular deliveries of drugs to be thrown over the perimeter wall and collected b…

Fifty years of bird fouling removed by our Bird Control experts!

Over many years, feral Pigeons had been entering the spire via broken windows and decorative openings without bird deterrent systems and, as a consequence, there had been a vast amount of bird fouling deposited. The Council now required us to provide proposals in order to carry out the unenviable t…

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