Impenetrable Bird Netting System fitted to Liverpool's World Museum

Eco Environmental where excited to be asked to tender for the replacement of bird netting at the historic World Museum in Liverpool.

Protect your building from aggressive birds and perhaps prevent a legal claim as well

Bird fouling is very acidic causing accelerated deterioration of stonework and corroding metals. A more immediate problem though is the accumulation of fouling and nesting material that can block gutters and lead to flooding and water damage within properties.

Season's Greetings from Eco Environmental

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Beat Seagulls With Harmless Bird Control Solutions

Seagulls are at their noisiest and most aggressive during their nesting season in the summer months between April and August. While seagulls historically pose bird control problems in the coastal regions, more and more seagulls are now moving into built up areas to nest as food sources are more rea…

Pigeon Deterrent System for Cambridge Pigeon Infestation

The work had previously been completed a couple of years ago by another contractor, however the bird netting was installed too low down within the well area. As a result, the birds were simply sitting on this and continuing to foul into this well area, which lead to bulk fouling building up and c…

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