Staggered Bird Wire Posts Prove to be Successful Pigeon Deterrents

We were contacted by the project team of Sisk as they were looking for a bird control system which could be fitted to the ornate brass clad balcony pods on the rear elevation of their Weymouth Street project.

The architect wanted a system that provided full width pigeon deterrents and protection to the roof of the pods, while being discreet and not damaging the building's aesthetics.

Our solution was to weld stainless steel Bird Wire posts to flat strips of stainless steel at varying heights, fit these to the roof of the pods and then string with our tensioned Bird Wire.

The reason for altering the heights of the posts was due to the size of area to be protected: considered opinion believes that pigeons will easily overcome multiple rows of the bird deterrent Bird Wire when installed at the same level.

The entire system was installed within budget and on time to satisfy the clients exacting standards.

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Published 25th November 2015

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