Snow guards effectively prevent damage

Frozen snow and ice falling from height can damage surrounding landscape features, parked cars and most importantly cause serious injury to passing persons.

Snow roof guards can be fixed to almost any roof system and there are many types of system dependant on roof structure and requirements. Eco Environmental Services supply and install snow and ice guard systems along with gutter guards and many other roofing components using our highly specialised team of installers and roped access technicians.

Want to see what can happen if you don't have Snow Guards for roofs? Watch the video below, showing the lucky escape of pedestrians in Edinburg from a snow "avalanche" falling from the roof of a Scottish Widows building in the city!
(Source: BBC News)

If you would like to discuss our snow guard solutions, please get in touch or call us on 01752 669009!

Published 15th March 2012

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