Self-cleaning nano coatings prevent bird fouling from sticking

Many building owners are suffering from bird fouling staining the properties' glazing, especially in seaside and coastal locations. There is generally no simple solution and the problem is compounded in the summer months when seagulls are most active.

The resulting large amounts of bird fouling accumulated on glazing are baked hard onto the glass during the hot summer months. This makes it very difficult and costly to remove – generally, bird fouling will need to be scraped off the glazing by hand, requiring specific and costly access solutions.

Luckily, we are able to provide an effective solution to bird fouling!

Protective nano coatings for Glass and Solar PV surfaces are easily applied to provide a durable, hydrophobic and invisible layer, which prevents bird fouling from sticking to surfaces.

With rainwater, these coatings create a self-cleaning glass effect, which removes standing dirt and additional staining such as bird fouling. Lasting in excess of 5 years, this not only considerably reduces cleaning frequencies but will keep properties cleaner for longer.

A client was suffering from seagull fouling during nesting season and was forced to use a pressure washer weekly on 96 PV panels installed on a flat roof. He comments that, with the nano coating applied to each of the Solar Panels' surface, "the bird mess will not adhere to the glass, so a simple jet hose will remove the mess with ease”.

Our approved team of installers are IPAF accredited and hold IRATA abseiling certificates to allow us to provide a comprehensive service to install the self-cleaning nano coatings on all types of premises.

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Published 29th October 2012

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