Seagull Deterrent System to a Power Company


Eco Environmental Services Ltd were introduced to the Bristol Office on the recommendation of their own staff at Taunton where we had previously completed a successful roof net.

The Seagull Problem

The Bristol site houses the office functions for the company and consists of a large unit with ancillary workshops. The main building has been extended over the years with 2 different roof finishes – flat roofing and pitched king span. Herring gulls and Lesser black backed gulls have found the area very attractive: The large expanse of roof is ideal for nesting and roosting, which lead to a build up of fouling bones and general nesting debris blocking gutter and causing water ingress. In addition, the aggressive behaviour of the gulls during the breeding season was a safety hazard for staff.

Our Seagull Deterrent Solution

In order to manage the seagull infestation, Eco Environmental Services Ltd installed bird netting attached to 2mm stainless steel cable across both roof shapes. Galvanised steel heavy duty channel was slotted into padded polycarbonate bases to hold the nettings off the roof in order to allow maintenance access. These bases do not require anchoring being held in place by the cables fastened to the roof perimeter and by the weight of the netting. The padded feet ensure the roof is separated from the heavy channel so no abrasion of the roof is possible.

The seagull deterrent system installed by Eco Environmental Services provides an effective and impenetrable barrier which protects the roof expanse without harming the birds.

To find out more about our seagull deterrent systems, please get in touch or call us on 01752 669 009.

Published 25th November 2015

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