Seagull attacks on the increase

The online poll has gathered personal experiences from householders, workers and tourists about the aggressive behaviour of seagulls. There are even calls for a Gull Conference in the Bristol area to coordinate a response to the problem.

Gulls regularly rip open bin bags left on the street to access food waste; intimidate residents and visitors by stealing food; block rainwater drainage systems by building large nests on rooftops and leave an unpleasant mess wherever they congregate.

None of this is news to us of course, but many businesses and local authorities are not keeping pace with the development of the various deterrents that are available to keep gulls at bay. We have designed a range of equipment which, when installed at vulnerable premises or on street furniture, will prevent or deter gulls from landing and building nests.

Many of the contributors to the survey have commented on the noisy, aggressive behaviour of gulls. For the gulls, this is instinctive as they are scavengers and have learned to take advantage of the urban environment (and the people who inhabit it) to feed and breed. Children are particularly vulnerable at school. Many schools offer a high proportion of flat-roofed buildings which are ideal nesting sites. There is usually a plentiful supply of food below, in the hands of young pupils who may not be aware of the threat from above. Many a packed lunch has been stolen by gulls in this way.

Visit our Seagull Deterrents page to see how we could help you prevent gulls from landing on your buildings.

If your local authority is planning a Gull Conference, please get in touch as we'd love to be part of an effective solution in your area.

Published 27th August 2013

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