Reoccurring Pigeon problem solved with a new type of pigeon deterrent system

Bristol's only Grade II listed Shopping Arcade has been fitted with a new type of pigeon deterrent system by Eco Environmental Services Ltd.

Following the completion of a major property refurbishment in 2013/2014, Eco were contracted to resolve the large and reoccurring problem of the pigeons perching and nesting in this open but covered area, which provided food, warmth and shelter for the feral birds.

The client was against the more traditional proofing systems as they wanted a system that was "invisible” but still kept the pigeons off. A tricky condition to meet!

Eco however came up with a low voltage electrical system installed to the surface of the ledges and upper areas of the roof structure.

The harmless deterrent system has encouraged all of the pigeons to find a new home and the Arcade is looking clean and inviting once again. This has not only lengthened the life span of the refurbished facades but also saved heavily on the daily cleaning costs incurred keeping this heavily trafficked site clean.

Regional Contracts Manager Dave Harry commented ”This is the ideal location for this system and its low profile means it doesn't detract from the look of the newly refurbished Arcade".

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Published 31st July 2014

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