Pigeon Deterrents for Refurbished Listed Church in Cambridge

The brief was to prevent feral pigeons from perching on the ledges to the window head above large leaded windows on the ground floor and also to prevent pigeons from perching on the ledges on recently restored windows on the bell tower.

As the pigeons had been perching and nesting within the bell tower for many years, the site had become a high pressure roosting area, requiring a more heavy duty system. For this reason Eco specified an Anti Bird Net system to seal off the main louvered openings in the bell tower. This provided a discreet bird deterrent system almost invisible from the ground but providing a 100% guarantee that the pigeons could not enter back into the sheltered roost of the bell tower.

Prior to the installation of the bird netting, our bird pest control team removed all of the bulk fouling that had built up within the bell tower, disinfecting the area afterwards to make the internal area safe and kill all of the remaining insects, mites and bacteria that had proliferated within this roosting site over many years of pigeon nesting.

We would normally specify our most discreet pigeon deterrent system Bird Wire. However, the birds can breach this if there is a high-pressure pigeon activity. For this reason, and also to avoid drilling into the church's delicate stonework, we specified our heavy duty Birdpoint Bird Spikes system bonded onto the stone ledges.

We completed the installation of these pigeon deterrents on time and on budget to the client's satisfaction.

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Published 25th November 2015

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