New London Primark store receives protective Pigeon Deterrent barrier

Eco Environmental were invited to tender for the bird deterrent installation work at this site in early 2011, when the client at that time only required minimal bird protection to a number of ledges and features to the Oxford Street elevation.

However, with the installation of a large quantity of plant and air handling equipment at roof level, and of course given the busy location with the numerous pedestrian traffic, food outlets and prime West End position, the client had to consider the protection of the entire roof level area.

Feral Pigeons often use the warm air outlets and cover provided by plant equipment and screening for the purposes of night roosting and nesting. This activity can lead to large quantities of guano (bulk bird fouling) being distributed amongst the equipment. The guano can be hazardous to those maintaining roof level services where they may come into direct contact or inadvertently inhale harmful pathogens associated with the guano dust.

In order to encapsulate the plant and roof level generally we had to recommend the installation of approximately 1500m2 of our 50mm mesh black polyethylene Birdnet anti bird netting. This would be installed to three main areas across the roof, mainly in a horizontal format by means of a system of tensioned supporting wires and perimeter wires.

Included in this protected area was a corridor area and a stairway which both required the use of additional Key clamp supports in order to elevate the bird nets' overhead height and return back to the plant screen wall.

The bird deterrent system was installed within the eight-day period allowed and undertaken over consecutive visits, now providing a permanent protective bird control barrier against feral pigeons and their associated fouling risks. Eco Environmental were the last trade on site within the roof level area and completed all bird deterrent works within the contractor's timeframe and on budget.

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Published 25th November 2015

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