High Level Anti Bird Net Installation along Restricted Residential Site

For several years, other bird control companies had tried to eliminate a problem of pigeons perching along a high level ledge above a long glass facade with little to no success. The pigeons were perching and nesting along this area and bird fouling was staining the glazing below, requiring frequent cleaning at a considerable annual cost.

Previous bird control companies had tried to install bird spikes here, but the pigeons were flying over these, landing on the ledge behind and entering the roof void to nest.

We undertook a site survey and provided an effective pigeon deterrent solution to solve the problem using the efficient bird netting system Birdnet rather than other more costly methods such as bird wire, or bird spikes.

The job posed a number of problems:

  • We could not access the high level ledge from below as there were gardens running the entire length of the building and these extended over 12 metres out to the edge of the site.
  • The delicate roof prevented us from accessing the area using one of our rope access abseil teams.
  • Finally, the delicate glass facade meant we had to ensure no access hit this area, risking damage and an expensive repair bill.

Due to these access constraints, we used a large 34 metre truck-mounted hoist to gain access up to the area. The hoist was positioned on the adjacent cobbled lane to provide safe access. A skilled hoist operator was required to ensure the hoist cradle was positioned close enough to the area requiring pigeon netting to allow our bird deterrent technicians safe access but avoiding the risk of hitting the expensive and delicate glass curtain walling.

Our bird netting technicians installed a discreet anti bird net system from the edge of the roof down to the edge of the ledge below, sealing off the area permanently and preventing any birds from gaining access onto the ledge and into the roof void behind.

The pigeon deterrents works were completed on time and within budget.

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Published 25th November 2015

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