General Licences - Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981

They can be relied upon only in circumstances where the authorised person can demonstrate that appropriate non-lethal methods of control, such as scaring or proofing, are either ineffective or impractical and a great risk to health & safety is apparent.

There are 'Class Licences' for food establishments and aerodromes in England, and also 'Special Licences' to be applied for by an individual. These are for the use of any other culling method not covered by the General or Class Licences or for any species other than those listed in the General or Class Licences.

For General, Class and Special Licences please follow the links below:

*All information correct at the time of publishing. Ensure you check with your national authority to keep up-to-date with changes in legislation.

Published 7th March 2016

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