Fouling Cleaning and Installation of Bird Nets at the Bath Substation of Western Power Distribution

Pigeons were fouling the compound and nesting in the cooler fan blades. There was the potential for fan failure or high speed ejection of fouling, sticks or other material, which could injure the station's workers and cause great damage to the equipment.

Eco Environmental were instructed to work within the shut down constraints imposed in order to clean and disinfect the compounds. Using scaffold towers and mobile elevated working platforms, our technicians thoroughly cleaned the area in order to remove any dangerous material.

When the fouling cleaning was completed, a galvanised steel frame was erected to support an enclosure made of UV stabilised matt black polyethylene netting. The bird nets will discourage the animals from returning to their nesting site and so act as long lasting pigeon deterrents.

Our technicians and bird netting suppliers completed the work in site within 5 days.

If you too are suffering from a pigeon problem, we can help. Just get in touch or call us on 01752 669 009.

Published 25th November 2015

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