Ever wondered what all the fuss is about with a few town pigeons?

Eco Environmental were asked to clean up and then install our bird netting system Birdnet to a private property. Check out the first picture on the right to see what our bird control team found when they attended the site!

The Utility Room used to house the washing machine had been accessed by pigeons while the owner was away from the property. Bird droppings, nesting material and parasites covered every available surface, meaning the entire room's contents had to be condemned.

Bird fouling can pose serious health and safety risks, especially in cramped spaces, from parasites and carrion-eaters to slip hazards and the build up of bulk fouling.

Our fouling cleaning team treated all the contents with a Biocide, scraped the content into strong sacks for onward disposal, retreated the ceilings with biocide and insecticidal spray and then washed it all down.

Check out the second picture on the right to see what the Utility Room looked like after treatment, ready for redecoration.

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Published 15th April 2013

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