Eco Environmental help put the finishing touches to the Gainsborough Bath Spa Hotel in Bath

Eco Environmental were delighted to be chosen by Galliford Try as their preferred contractor to install our Seagull and Pigeon Deterrents to the Gainsborough Bath Spa Hotel.

As a consequence of our broad experience we were also asked to provide the roped access teams to further assist with a number of their critical and final project tasks.

This picture shows the central atrium glass roof enclosed against seagulls and pigeon with our Birdnet System - our IRATA trained roped access team can be seen completing the painting to one of the many bedroom windows above.

Rope Access works sometimes referred to as Abseiling, can provide a cost efficient alternative to expensive scaffolding. Used when traditional forms of access such as scaffolding and mobile hoists are prohibited or inappropriate, rope access can be the only safe , adaptable and cost effective way of accessing a building or structure.

Further information relating to our rope accessed works that can include inspections, painting, maintenance and installations can be found by visiting our Abseiling and Roped Access section.

Published 25th March 2015

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