Is this the earliest pair of urban Herring Gull eggs in Wales?

Traditionally, seagulls have been laying their eggs in mid-May but gull breeding has begun earlier over the last few years. The picture on the right was taken on 30th April in Swansea.

This is certainly the earliest seagull nest with eggs that we have come across in a city location. Herring Gulls and Lesser Black Backed Gulls are problematic right across our major urban centres; during breeding season these bird pests are increasingly becoming an issue as they are very aggressive parents.

Roofing contractors, air conditioning workers, satellite TV installers and many other professionals all receive the unwelcome attention of urban seagulls, making it increasingly difficult to safely carry out their work.

Fortunately, we are experts in Seagull Deterrents here at Eco Environmental Services and can always help and often solve building problems with bird pests.

For more information on our Bird Control services, please contact us on 01752 669009!

Published 20th May 2013

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