Deterrents for your property to prevent nesting seagulls

Seagulls cause a regular nuisance in coastal cities, but in more recent years, inland regions have been suffering too.

Just like pigeons, seagulls live off human waste and stay close to human settlements. The gulls' physical size and aggressive nature at times of nesting can quickly lead to attacks on the general public.

Seagull nesting season is typically from April to July, during which time they will be at their nosiest and most aggressive.

In in-land regions, seagulls will roost on the highest point of a roof. So, seagull deterrents that will prevent the birds from landing on these areas will often mean they will leave a property for good.

In addition to the three most popular bird deterrent solutions of anti bird netting, bird spikes and bird wire, here at Eco Environmental we can provide a range of alternative seagull deterrent systems which are proven to be effective.

Please contact Eco Environmental if you would like to discuss your seagull problems with one of our highly trained surveyors!

Published 9th May 2012

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