Bird Fouling Causes £50,000 Damage as Blocked Drains Result In Flooding

This article is an excellent example of what happens when a pigeon problem is allowed to build up on a building due to a lack of effective pigeon deterrents. Over time the rapid breeding of these birds produces a large base flock that will nest on a building. They will roost in sheltered areas and perch along more favourable ledges and lookouts.

Often these areas are around the guttering and roof and over time this bulk fouling will build up in the drainage system. This will encourage vegetation growth eventually building up solid matter that can prevent the water collecting in the guttering and draining away effectively when it rains. If the rainfall is particularly heavy there is a real risk the water will breach the guttering or valley gutter and pour into the building, causing thousands of pounds of damage to the wall and floor finishes. In modern commercial buildings there is even more risk that water will hit electrical and computer systems increasing the repair bill by many more times.

Eco Environmental can undertake a site-specific survey of your building to design bespoke bird deterrent systems for your property. This bird control survey will highlight the potential high-risk areas, allowing us to provide a range of bird deterrents solutions to resolve the problem and eliminating any risk and damage to your premises.

Our Bird Deterrent systems include, but are not limited to:

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Source: BBC News Website

Published 9th October 2012

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